How Should Rising Fuel and Energy Prices Be Addressed?

I've posted previously on this subject, the thrust being that in Britain and America, large companies and corporations collude, whether it be actively or passively, to keep fuel and energy prices artificially high. Prices are raised when costs (e.g. the price of oil) go up, but the hikes are rarely returned to the consumer when costs fall again. And most continue to make multi-billion dollar profits at the expense of consumers, many of which are left sitting in the cold or dark.

I've had an idea this week as to how this problem should be addressed. I'm glad to see that the problem is now beginning to make the British political agenda, and I think that the next logical step would be for David Cameron to threaten to refer offending companies to the Competition Commission. That should wake them up, and I think they might reduce their prices, fearing that referral might break the industries up. Perhaps there is an equivalent body in America that could be used for this purpose.

I'm half-minded to write to David Cameron and Sky News with this suggestion. I'll let you know how it goes.

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