Who Is Going To Win British Big Brother?

After 11 series on Channel 4, I must admit I was worried that this series on Channel 5 might disappoint. But I'm absolutely loving it, from the great tasks to the interesting mix of housemates.

So who's going to win? Well, let's take a look at the candidates;

When I saw and heard Aaron on the opening night, I thought 'Oh my God, what an absolute tool'. But he's really grown on me, as time has gone on. He's the most interesting of all the housemates, because he's a real thinker - and game-player. He's almost as deep as Marcus Akin, who for me was the most interesting housemate of all time. Make no mistake, Aaron's in it to win the money for his son, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Who does he remind you of, from Big Brother's past? That's right, Nasty Nick. He looks a bit like him, and they've got a lot in common. Aaron has a streak of emotion in him, but almost everything he does is calculated. He learns as events unfold, and changes his act accordingly. You didn't really believe he was ever going home after the thing with Maisy, did you? Like Nasty Nick would have done, he went away and thought about it for a while, and then came back with measured responses for Tom, Faye and others, saying just the right thing to get them onside, and minimise damage. And he made himself the centre of attention for a while, didn't he? He knows that he isn't going anywhere tomorrow night, but the excellent Brian Dowling might make him sweat a bit, before revealing he's safe.

Aaron's clever, and will adapt his game as time goes on. Like Nasty Nick, he's got a subtle mean streak, and is capable of a bit of trickery, later on. But is he entertaining enough to win?

Aden - baseball-capped rap child. He's got an aggressive streak, but behind the bravado is an insecure young kid. Has moped about, since nasty, false Rebeckah left. He couldn't see that she was using him to try and stay in, and she'll use him on the outside too for magazine deals, if he isn't careful. The aggressive streak means he can't win.

Alex, that's her on the left. Quite a nice soul, but a bit shallow, a bit of an airhead. Can't win - is outgunned by the other girls on both looks and personality.

Anton - reformed gang member dude. You have to admire anyone who's chosen a better path in life, but make no mistake, there's a real nasty piece of work in there. As time goes on, he's going to struggle more and more to keep his true confrontational nature in check. I wonder how long he can keep the tape across his mouth? Can't win - too in-your-face.

Faye -  a quiet one, rather insecure too. What on Earth was it all about with Aaron? She was a bit withdrawn to begin with, so he felt a bit sorry for her, and told her that he liked her. She misinterpreted that, as an insecure young girl might, and it was the crime of the century when he kissed Maisy. He eventually said exactly the right things to get Faye back onside, and will use her affection for him to his advantage later on. She can't win - not engaging enough, doesn't do enough, too naive and shallow.

Harry - I disliked him on opening night, but I must admit, he's quite grown on me. He's interesting, and isn't afraid to speak his mind in a non-offensive way. A bit of a dark horse, might up his game a bit, but I don't think that a quiet-ish bisexual fox hunter can win.

Heaven, on the left, there. Will probably be evicted tomorrow. Her spiritualist approach to life does hold some interest, but too much of anything isn't a good thing. Won't last long, even if by some slim chance, she stays in tomorrow night.

Jay - a Newcastle man's man. When I first saw and heard him on opening night, I thought he was going to be trouble. But he's really grown on me. He genuinely cares about people, and has become a leader of sorts. He's a game-player too, and I think he's already cleverly using his Wolf Pack group to pick the outsiders off, by very subtlely encouraging others to nominate a target. I thought Tashie was his first target, because he thought she might be a candidate to win.

Who does he remind you of, from Big Brother's past? That's right, Johnny from Big Brother 3. There's a bit of Jason in him, as well. Make no mistake, Jay's got a real nasty streak in him, but he's shrewd, and will keep it in check to the end.

He swears a bit too much for me, but could win, if he ups his game a bit. Trouble is, Johnny and Jason both finished second....

Louise, in the middle, there. A bit quiet, but will come out of her shell more and more, as time goes on. I wonder if she's planning it that way, playing it non-controversial until the field narrows a bit. She's much cleverer than she comes across, and there's something engaging about her. I think she'll emerge as the top girl as time goes on, much in the same way that Kate Lawler did. And if she ups her game, like I think she will, maybe she has the looks and personality to pip the leading boys, like Kate did.

Maisy. Comes across as a tiny bit of a dumb blonde at times, but she's much sharper than she looks. I think her look is self-designed to win the big young vote, including her bottled blonde hair. She's a bit of a game-player too, and will try to use situations to her advantage. I think she did that with the Aaron situation. But she's a bit too quiet, doesn't do enough, and will have to really up her game to make the final.

Mark - clever dude. He's in it to win, he's trying to win. Tries hard to entertain, but a bit too hard at times, makes it too obvious. Thinks his mad inner world will get him to the final. Secretly fancies Aaron, I think, which might eventually be his undoing. Could well make the final, but he lacks a bit of substance, so will have to come up with, or be involved in, something a bit special to have a chance.

Tom - bisexual geek. I quite liked him on opening night, but now, I can't stand to watch him. He thinks far too much of himself, in reality he's immature and naive. What was all that aggression about Aaron leading him on? That's not what I saw.

Tom's a cross between Marco and Sam Pepper, and that's dangerous. He's capable of being spiteful, and will spread lies and malicious gossip to turn people against each other. Eventually, he'll be caught out, once too often. Can't make the final.

So who's going to win?

Aden, Alex, Anton, Faye, Heaven, Harry and Tom can't win. So that leaves Aaron, Jay, Louise, Maisy and Mark. Jay's the biggest personality, and will entertain. Aaron's the clever one. Louise is going to emerge from the pack. Quiet, non-controversial girls who make a bit of an effort at the end can win, look at Rachel Rice and Sophie Reade. I'm not sure that Jay could have won on Channel 4, but he might on Channel 5, especially in the year Paddy Docherty won Celebrity Big Brother. So at the moment, I've got;

1. Jay.
2. Louise.
3. Aaron.
4. Mark.
5. Maisy.

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