British Big Brother - Families And Friends Nominate In Place Of The Housemates!

BREAKING NEWS! In a shocking twist that beats the hell out of last week's interference with the nominations result, housemates' families and friends were today asked to nominate, in place of the housemates themselves;

Aaron’s brother voted for Jem and Jay.
Alex’s mum voted for Faye and Jem.
Faye’s mum voted for Harry and Aaron.
Harry’s girlfriend voted for Jay and Jem.
Jay’s mum voted for Aaron and Faye.
Jem’s boyfriend voted for Aaron and Harry.
Louise’s mum voted for Aaron and Harry,
Tom’s mum voted for Aaron and Jem.

The housemates were apparently stunned, when they watched it all unfold, on video. What about Faye's mum voting for Aaron, Faye's boyfriend?

So Aaron and Jem (pictured) are up for eviction this Friday. For me, it'll be Jem to go. Stay tuned.

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