British Big Brother - Anton - Is He Going To Kick Off Tonight?

You've got to give the kid some credit. Even though, during the 'Stranded' task, he chose to save Faye just to wind Aaron up, you have to admit that it was a Herculean effort to ascend enough stairs on a climbing machine to top Ben Nevis.

I don't think it's enough to save him from eviction tonight, but there is a just a small chance that Aden might beat him to the door. Anton's later sexist rant to Louise didn't do him any favours, either.

What I'm wondering about tonight is Anton's reaction to the near certainty of eviction. The pot has been simmering between him and Aaron for a while now, and is close to boiling over. Anton has a real nasty streak in him, which he's struggling to keep bottled up, and he's done well so far to restrict his feelings towards Aaron to a few very choice comments.

Aaron's planned it this way all along, of course. He quite bravely decided to take the Wolf Pack (Jay, Aden and Anton) on, after they were partly responsible for driving Mark out. That's what the deliberate sabotage of the last two shopping tasks were all about, and he's been pushing their buttons more and more lately, trying to prise a reaction out of them that will put them in a bad light.

The question is, will hearing news of his eviction push Anton over the edge? I think he might just conclude that it's over for him, so why not give Aaron a mouthful, shove or worse on the way out?

I hope BB security are primed up, just in case......

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And for an update on who I think might win the series, watch this space over the weekend, after tonight's eviction....

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