British Big Brother - Nominations Update, Jay v Aaron - What Does It All Mean?

I was mildly surprised to learn that no fewer than five housemates have been put up to face eviction this week - Jay, Aaron, Faye, Aden and Anton.

There's obviously been some subtle nomination collusion going on within Jay's group (Jay, Anton and Aden), and Aaron's group (Aaron, Harry and Faye). I think Harry's escaped the public vote because Jay's group, in the true spirit of divide and conquer, all nominated Faye and Aaron. We'll find out for sure tonight, I guess.

There's little doubt that Anton will be evicted this coming Friday. For weeks, many have been saying that if he's put up for eviction, he's gone, because of his arrogant streak. And that's going to leave Jay outnumbered and exposed. Next week, there can be little doubt that Jay and Aden will be the only two housemates put up for eviction. Aaron, Faye and Harry will all nominate them, and I think Aden and Jay will also get votes from Alex and Jemma, who's going to work out pretty quickly why her sister has been put up for eviction this week. Aden made a big mistake, when he told Faye he hadn't nominated her, when in fact he had.

With Anton and Aden both gone, this Friday and the next, Jay will be left alone and isolated against Aaron's group. But he will be much more difficult to shift from the house than his two cohorts. He put a brave face on Louise's decision to cool off with him, but make no mistake, he was absolutely gutted, and it can only make him more isolated in the weeks to come. There's going to be a lot more pillow punching going on.

A canny one, that Louise. On Sunday night, she was rolling around with Jay in bed, in the private room, and the very next day, she tells him that she wants to back off. She had this week's nominations worked out in her head, of course, and decided that Aaron's group would be a better bet, long term. Did you notice that during Aaron's cleverly engineered chat with Louise about Jay, she told Aaron that she could have a meaningful conversation with him, in a way she couldn't with Jay? But I didn't see her having any difficulty chatting with Jay in the private room....

Now Aaron's a real gameplayer, very similar to Nasty Nick. I wonder if, over the next couple of weeks or so, he'll let Jemma prise him away from Faye, and take up instead with Louise. Louise has been staying out of trouble until now, and is planning to emerge from her shell once the field has narrowed a bit, just like Kate Lawler did. If she took up with Aaron, I think it would guarantee them both a place in the final. And I think they both know it....

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