British Big Brother - Sunday Night Nominations Forecast - Tom v Alex?

In a shock sudden twist, housemates will nominate face-to-face tonight, in place of the normal Monday nomination process. Dressed in Haloween costumes, they will sit in electric chairs, and one vote equals one electric shock for the nominated housemate.

I think the new alliance between Jay and Aaron means something. I believe the two boyfriend-girlfriend pairs of Jay and Louise, and Aaron and Faye will club their nominations together, and put the 'fun' pair of Tom and Alex up for eviction. Tom will go this Friday, leaving Alex isolated in the final week.

I also think only Faye, Alex or Aaron can win now. Faye's been involved in a lot of arguments over the past couple of weeks, and the revelation that Alex once short-changed a blind person to get her own lunch was a bit of a shocker, so it's Aaron for me now.

Watch this space for more, after the nominated housemates are revealed.

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