Who's Going To Win Big Brother - After The Nominations Twist?

I write my latest post on the series, with a bit of a heavy heart. Having surveyed well-known Big Brother comment sites, it would seem that over 90% of people were against this week's nominations 'twist'. After Anton (above) and Jay were nominated by their fellow housemates, both were given the opportunity to choose one other housemate to face eviction with them. Jay chose Harry, probably because he heard Harry imply that Louise (Jay's squeeze) wasn't the brightest of sparks. Anton chose newcomer Jemma (right), because he knew that she was the only remaining housemate he could beat in the public eviction vote.

I couldn't understand the logic of the nominations twist, in terms of keeping viewers. Viewing figures have been steadily declining, and the large majority of those that remain are long-time Big Brother fans and purists. So why upset the purists by interfering with the nominations process, which for 11 previous series has been the heart and soul of Big Brother? What's the point of blogging, or otherwise trying to predict the winner, if the basic rules of the show are changed on a whim, and the endgame is changed as a result (see below)?

I think the producers did it because they knew that either Jay or Anton would pick Jemma to face eviction. As newcomer, and not a particularly entertaining one at that, she was always the only housemate that Anton had a chance against in the public eviction vote. And truth be told, the producers, knowing Jemma is very likely to be evicted tomorrow, wanted Anton to remain with Jay for at least one more week, to keep things spiced up a bit. I can understand that in a way, but it's not fair on Jemma, who is going to lose her place in the house, despite never having received enough nominations to face the public vote.

So what does it all mean, in terms of who is going to win?

I think Aaron and Jay are beginning to get along a little better now. They're both gameplayers, and have both realised that the other is their greatest threat. It won't take long for Aaron to work out that the remaining Wolf Pack members (Jay and Anton) aren't nominating him anymore. And I think Jay and Aaron will both realise that tactical voting would be a great way to put the dangerous new 'fun pair' of Alex and Tom up for eviction against each other.

So I reckon Aaron's group (Aaron, Harry and Faye) will join Jay's group next week, in nominating Tom and Alex for eviction. Tom will lose that battle, and will be evicted, leaving Alex isolated and extremely vulnerable. Tactical voting will be used the following week to put Alex up again, against Anton. Anton will lose out, and will be evicted, leaving just six housemates.

For me, another important development this week has been Louise becoming more active, but her increased involvement has revealed her to be shallow, and a little vulgar. Faye has also been revealed as a bit of a whiner, and will really have to develop in the final weeks to have a chance of winning.

So this week, I've got the following top five;

1. Jay (up 1 from last week).
2. Aaron (up 1).
3. Faye (down 2).
4. Alex (new entry).
5. Harry (down 1).

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