What do we reckon about.... rising fuel and energy prices? Lights out - a shocking update

A quick update to my original post on this, blaming collusion between the major petroleum and energy companies for artificially high prices.

This week, my local Borough Council put signs up on many major roads, announcing that street lights were being permanently switched off, to 'save energy'. Yellow-jacketed men soon appeared on the roads, opening up the metal panels on the lamp posts, to pull the plug. Major connecting roads from the local motorway, and routes running through housing estates and supporting facilities are unaffected, but many tree-lined roads linking local populated areas are now dark.

The local Council took the action in response to the latest round of price increases (16%, following an increase of 7% at the end of 2010!) by the record profit-making electricity companies in England. Surely it can't be right to allow these companies to do whatever they like with prices that directly impact road safety? Already, many people, young and old are looking forward with trepidation to the coming winter, wondering how they will be able to afford to keep themselves warm. Already, many people are wondering how they are going to be able to keep their cars on the road, in the face of mushrooming fuel prices. Already, many people are considering giving up their jobs, because the cost of commuting is too high.

Isn't it about time David Cameron and Barack Obama stepped in, to put the consumer before the shareholder, and force the fuel and energy companies to reduce their prices, and accept a reduction in their monopoly profits?

For my original post on this subject, see http://t.co/3tpQOmW

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