Kingshill Warriors Win UEFA Champions League!

I promised I would get back to you on my attempts to win the UEFA Champions League on the splendid Sega Playstation 2 game 'Let's Make A Soccer Team'.

After 50 seasons, I finally won the trophy, defeating Inter Milan 3-0 in the final.  The team that won the Champions League was;

Okonski (Poland), Rio Ferdinand (England), Ashley Cole (England), Puyol (Spain), Gerrard (England), Ronaldo (Portugal), Robinho (Brazil), Giggs (Wales), Owen (England), Rooney (England), Henry (France).

I await the World Club Championship with interest. I currently have 21 English Premiership titles, 13 FA Cups (including 10 Premiership and FA Cup doubles), 3 Europa League titles and 2 European Super Cups.

I can thoroughly recommend this marvellous game - every time someone walks in the room, they say 'I didn't know there was a big match on the TV today,' or 'I didn't know Wayne Rooney was playing today.' Made in Japan, and sponsored by Italian football teams AC Roma and Juventus, it's that real, from graphics to playing and management.

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