Are The British Labour Party Credible Anymore?

Ed Miliband - he seems like a nice guy, and knowledgeable too - but I thought his brother David had more depth and charisma. Ed's currently speaking at the British Labour Party Conference in Liverpool. It's taken him a year to start saying what he might do if he were in Government. They're going to be frugal, apparently, and manage money better, in a brand new economy.

But here's the problem. Twice in my lifetime, Labour has been in power.

In the 1970's, Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan presided over borrowing from the IMF to bail Britain out, sterling being devalued, the miners' strike, the power cuts and the three day week. Then Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Government sorted it all out, in what proved to be the greatest boom in prosperity for both the middle and working classes.

And then, starting in 1997, Labour had another go. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown eventually left us crippled with debt, using the same tax and spend policies that Wilson and Callaghan used. And now, David Cameron's Conservative Government is left to try and pick up the pieces.

Although I do appreciate that the global economy played its part, you have to ask yourself a question. If you employed someone twice, and they messed everything up, would you employ them again?

Of course you wouldn't. And that's why the British Labour Party just isn't credible anymore. I don't believe a single word they say. Which is a shame.

And for a shocking update on Ed Miliband, check out

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