Review of 'Intrepid - The Two Storms', by S.J.Wist (Fantasy Cookie).

Check out the review of my novel 'Intrepid - The Two Storms', by Fantasy Cookie's S.J. Wist;

'The stages for The Two Storms are set. One is a political one when the Russian and American Presidents are shot, the other is a devastating hurricane.

'As with reading any sequel I always set the bar higher, and for this one I wasn't disappointed. The characters all fall into place and are easy to keep up with. Confronting a hurricane with a neutron bomb from a B-2 Spirit gets serious cool points as well. Going against mother nature comes with an awesome sense of class this round. But first the Intrepid crew will have to survive another attempt at time travel to get behind the storms with enough time in their hands to prevent them.

'After that, saving the world from a Cold War comes down to taking on street gangs to get to bottom of who The Chinaman is, and just as importantly, who he is working for. I was left right up to the very end trying to figure out the mysteries of identities here. I will read on to Intrepid - Revelations.'

S.J. Wist.
Fantasy Cookie.

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This novel is the second in a series of four. 'Intrepid - Revelations' is due out Jan 2012.

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