Updated Review of 'Intrepid' by Rick Friedman (James Mason Community Book Club)

Here is Rick Friedman's updated (and astonishing) review of my novel 'Intrepid';

'BRILLIANT AND THRILLING AND SO WELL WRITTEN, Intrepid is not your typical thriller - Steve Stone proves that he is many notches above your average writer with his superb plot - very well constructed characters and locations that jump right out at you - a must read series.

Quite an ingenious plot - but can the book live up to the promise? The answer is a resounding YES!!! Steve Stone has produced a novel so full of superb characters, unique locales and gadgets, and most important - characters so finely drawn that the reader is literally plunged into his world. And what a world it is! The immense skills of Mr. Stone allow him to combine so many elements to create ..not so much a novel ..but an experience.

Lance Tucker and especially Jack Nelson are two characters so original and memorable that they serve as the anchor for this must read adventure. One can only be grateful that this is the first in the Intrepid series - as the world created by Mr. Stone is one any reader will want to return to!' RICK FRIEDMAN, FOUNDER, THE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB

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