Martin Ince - review of the novel 'Intrepid'.

'This striking debut novel by Steve Stone has enviable narrative pace, a plot that is adventurous and perhaps just on the right side of plausibility, and enough action to satisfy the most demanding of thrill seekers.

'Above all, Stone succeeds in the central task of any novelist - creating a believable protagonist that we want to meet again. Intrepid is designed as the first in a trilogy of thrillers. I very much hope Stone's intention is carried through with success.'


Martin is freelance now, see He previously worked for the London Times as science correspondent, news editor and deputy editor, and has made over 100 TV and radio appearances. His review appears on the back cover of the paperback.

There will now be four novels in the series;

'Intrepid', a top 100 Kindle bestseller in science fiction, military and war (released 2010)
'Intrepid - The Two Storms' (released 2011) - see
'Intrepid - Revelations' (coming 2012)
'Intrepid - Regression' (coming 2013)

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