Review of 'Intrepid', by S.J. Wist (Fantasy Cookie).

Check out the great review of my novel 'Intrepid', by Fantasy Cookie's S.J. Wist;

'If you ever dreamed about being an astronaut and seeing the stars, in 2017, Intrepid is the space shuttle to take you there.  But when Lance and his crew inadvertently become part of the reason for a devastating nuclear war on Earth, there stands one chance for Intrepid to set things straight and save a lot of lives.  It includes time travel, but it's not going to be easy and the cost of what they will have to sacrifice is set high.

'Steve Stone adds a vivid touch to detail in this story and real characters you want to follow. He brings this ride right along speculative fiction, making you feel as if you're right there and a part of the thrill of it all.  Lance will do what is necessary against the weight of his conscience, while keeping hold of it as well.  With the help of the teenager James, both will keep you emotionally bound to the humanity of it all. Even as their mission is ultimately turned into that of playing god to save a lot of people.

'The second book, Intrepid - The Two Stormslooks to be an equally good read that I will be looking into in the near future.'

S.J. Wist.

Fantasy Cookie.

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The two novels so far released are the first in a series of four. If you're interested in acquiring the books on paperback or electronically, you'll find all the purchase links at the top of this blog.

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