What do we reckon about.... Barack Obama?

You've got to admit it, he's really got something, hasn't he? What is it that makes him so special?

It's not his electric smile. It's not his liking for classic suits. It's not his crisp collars, and sharp ties.

It's the way he engages people. He's on a very short list for the greatest orator of all time. I'm an English guy, and I don't sit with his political alignment, but I was absolutely  transfixed by his electrifying inauguration speech, glued to the television in a way that I hadn't been in almost 14 years - and he's a better communicator than even the late Johnnie Cochran.

I was equally captivated by his wonderful speech in Dublin. When he speaks, you feel you've got to put your cup of tea to one side, sit down, and listen. It's not just about his style of communication, it's about technique as well. Have you ever noticed that when he's making a key point, he starts a few sentences in a row with the same words? It's a technique that secures your attention. It's a technique that conveys authority. It's a technique that adds power to his message....

When I consider Barack Obama, I sometimes think of him as the modern-day John F. Kennedy, who was also a highly gifted orator. Like Kennedy, Obama came to power at a time of economic challenge, global security concerns, and a tough foreign policy agenda. Like Kennedy, his message is one of eternal hope, for the American people, and for all the peoples of the world. And like Kennedy, he isn't afraid to take risks in pursuit of his goals, and his engagement of the masses.

His risk acceptance isn't just about the incredibly brave decision he took when Osama Bin Laden was eventually found - a judgement call that will almost certainly see him re-elected. I remember in Dublin, when he strolled amongst the crowd - his security men looked as though they were having kittens, but he shook lots of hands, and found the time to talk to a girl's mother on a mobile phone. What a great touch that was, and he took the risk of mingling with the crowd to convey his strongest message of all - he's Barack Obama, with the people, for the people. Come to think of it, that might make a great 2012 campaign slogan!

He makes you feel that he's willing to take any action, accept any risk, if it will make the world a better, safer place. And he makes you feel that he's trying to bring the peoples of the world closer together.

There can be no greater goal. Can we endorse him?

Yes, we can....

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  1. Some of us can't endorse Obama. I was in Ireland in April, and everyone kept telling us about Obama's pending visit. They were a bit taken aback when they found out we weren't fans.

    But what are we Americans to do if they don't give us another option? Ugh.