Series #9. 'What Do We Reckon About.... Tony Blair?' Why Did He Really Retire as Prime Minister?

I don't agree with his politics, but I've always liked the guy. I shared in the excitement of the morning after New Labour were elected in 1997, when he spoke about his visions for a brave new world.

The really interesting question about Tony Blair is why did he really give up being Prime Minister, and hand the reins over to Gordon Brown?

The official version was that he had a heart murmur, so the time was right for him to step down, and spend more time with his family. And he has always been a great family man.

But what did he do after stepping down? He tried to become EU President, and then became Middle East Peace Envoy. I can't imagine any two things that are more stressful, hardly the ideal roles for someone with a heart problem.

There's no doubt that the early signs of the current recession were there, when he stepped down in June 2007 (for more on that, please see And Barings Bank had gone down just two years earlier, when Nick Leeson gambled it away on the international futures market.

Gordon Brown is a great money man, if nothing else. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown must have known that a recession was coming, and must have known that many banks were already in difficulty because of recklessness on the futures market.

I reckon that Tony Blair worked out what was coming, and decided to give Gordon Brown his dream of becoming Prime Minister. I reckon Tony Blair did it, because after a pretty successful tenure as Prime Minister, he didn't want to go down in history, as the man who presided over the economic collapse, and New Labour's inevitable election demise in 2010.

I think that Tony was great at the Levenson Enquiry, recently, and remains a great charismatic statesman. I can't say fairer than that.


  1. My MP Gordon has been shortchanged here! Blair was latterly dangerous in power.....he was far too up Bushes arse and easily persuaded and due to that he has the blood of many Brit soldiers along with thousands of innocent Iraqi lives. He's a bloody murderer! Gordon is a really decent humanbeing, he has far more morals and is full of dignity and honesty! I know this better than you because Gordon grew up in town like myself and he is and always will be well loved in his constituency for the work he has done for us and charity orginisations. As a Scot I believe he has been ridiculed and disliked by the many anti Scottish people in the UK. It was always how dare a Scot be PM yet we Scots always accepted the English PMs since we lived in Britain. And folk wonder why we want Independence..............

  2. I pretty much agree with all of this. But it doesn't change the fact that Blair chose his time to hand the reins over to Gordon Brown, for his own reasons.

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