Review of E.N.J. Carter's 'Charles Bay'

Adamo Washington is a high-flying, independent African-American lawyer from New York, with a reputation of winning cases against the big law firms. Out of respect, a big rival firm hires Adamo, for a special one-off assignment. He must travel to a racial hotbed within deep-South Carolina, to decide which one of five families, all ex-plantation owners, is most deserving of a huge grant from a mystery benefactor.

Before long, Adamo realises that each of the five families have rather murky pasts, and still harbour racist notions, going back to the days of slavery. With so much money at stake, it isn't long before the families resort to unusual tactics, in an attempt to secure the nod. At first, the tactics are simply underhanded, but then they become improper, personal, dangerous, and ultimately deadly....

As is the case with his previous books, Earl Carter once again shows remarkable understanding of locations and their cultures, and there's a great touch to detail in this particular book.

4 1/2 stars for this book. 4 stars wouldn't do it justice, so we had better make it 5.

By the way, 'Look Inside' won't work here, but do check the book out on Amazon!

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