Review of Marie Jensen's 'Dragons and Butterflies #2: War With Her Father'

In this brilliant second book of a six-part series, Jean Ridgeway's ongoing battle with her domestic abuser develops into a psychological, and sometimes physical war. But as Jean reaches adolescence, she also has to deal with evolving family relationships, boyfriend troubles, school issues, deceit, jealously, heartbreak and tragedy.

In the central conflict between Jean and her abuser, there can only be one winner. Jean strives for her goals of happiness and safety, but in the end, her very physical and mental well-being come under threat, as her visions of the future become as heart-wrenching, as her experiences of the past and present....

'War With Her Father' is a hugely compelling study of family relationships at their most dysfunctional. The book also serves as a fascinating dissertation on adolescent mental health, made all the more engaging, by the fact that it is based on a true story. The second chapter and epilogue are amongst the most powerful pieces ever written on the subject.

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The first book in the series, 'Just Like Her Father', is available on paperback and Amazon Kindle. This second book is only currently available on Kindle, but will be out on paperback soon!

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