What do we reckon about.... Peter Andre?

I used to wonder about him - he married Jordan, after all.

But I have a confession to make. The sordid truth is that courtesy of my wife Debi, I very often read women's magazines in the loo. Just a fleeting glance at first, but then I was hooked - all the celebrity news and gossip!

Before long, my favourite column became 'Planet Pete', in New! magazine. Each week, when Debi stashes her magazines in the loo, I guiltily reach across for them, and Pete's column is the first thing I turn to.

Truth is, the column, together with other things I heard and saw, made me realise what a nice guy he is. He seems to passionately care about his family, his friends and his fans - and above all, he's humble. That's a great quality, especially for a celebrity, and although he's got a bit of Greek and Australian in him, he's a great role model, and makes me proud to be British. I can't say fairer than that.

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