A Review of 'The Renaissance House' by Robert W. Burns

This looks just like any ordinary house, doesn’t it?

But it’s not an ordinary house. Not at all. This is the Brighton house of painter and decorator Robert W. Burns. On the outside, it seems like any other dwelling, but on the inside, it’s been transformed into an incredible art gallery, a shrine to and celebration of Renaissance art, containing wonderful reproductions of classic works from centuries gone by; portraits, wall frescos, lunettes and friezes alike. This picture book is packed with them.

Just turn the pages - you won’t believe your eyes. The house also contains original Renaissance-style portraits of Russell Brand and Wayne Rooney. 

As featured by BBC’s ‘The One Show’, ABC, Channel 9 Australia and AFP. Certain images are from Robert W. Burns, others included by kind permission of legendary international photographer Facundo Arrizabalaga.

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