British Cycle Rider Bradley Wiggins Wins Tour de France!

It wasn't too long ago, that people talked about British cycling Team Sky with a little smile on their face, not really believing the team could achieve very much. But today, Sky rider Bradley Wiggins made history, by becoming the first British cycle rider ever to win the Tour de France, the greatest all-round cycle race in the world. And his teammate Chris Froome finished second, to make it a British one-two. In many ways, it's all a bit of a fairy tale - who would ever have thought that 4km pursuit specialist Bradley could successfully convert to the long distances and mountains of the Tour?

I've been following the Tour de France since the 1970's, and remember great riders like Miguel Indurain and Lance Armstrong. Generally, the Tour has been the province of mainland European riders, and I never thought that I would live to see a British rider win. It really was a great team effort throughout, Bradley's teammates helping him through the Alps and the Pyrenees, after he gained an advantage in an early time trial. The result is clearly also a tribute to great planning, preparation, management and support work behind the scenes. I bet the team clears the board, in the London Olympics as well.

So well done to Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky. You put a smile on my face today, and made me proud to be British. Perhaps Andy Murray and the England football team can learn lessons, from the contribution that long-term organisation and tactics made to this victory. Well done also to the British Eurosport team, who made the three weeks of the Tour a pleasure to watch.

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