Rock Out With Phil Collins at Swindon Poundland!

The weather was reasonable here in Swindon, England, so I decided on a day out, wandering about with the wife, Debi. As usual, she decided to head for the shops after a while. Now usually, the shopping element of any day out is a little bit of a chore for me, but this time was very different.

I sighed, as we headed into Swindon Town Centre's newly-opened Poundland store. But they had a few low price offers that even I was impressed at. And there were shiny new wooden floors, that felt like a dance floor, and they had a fantastic sound system, which played a mixture of Phil Collins and Michael Jackson hits.

It was a pleasure to walk around the place, listening to the great music, and at one point, I got a funny look from an assistant, as I bopped around in an aisle to a Collins number. Can't wait to go back, and I never thought I would say that about a shop..... 

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