Intrepid - Revelations

Who was Jack the Ripper?
Did Hitler commit suicide, or did he survive the war?
Who really shot JFK?
And did O.J. Simpson really do it?  

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28 January 2018.  Post-Obama, Colonel Lance Tucker is Commander of the next generation X-33 space shuttle Intrepid. Its latest mission to the International Space Station ends in calamity and tragedy, when a meteor shower strikes.

General Jack Nelson orders Lance to use a secret flying saucer at Area 51, to travel back in time and change history.  An imprisoned alien navigator offers assistance in exchange for his freedom, but a slip of the tongue diverts the journey to 1888 London, 1945 Berlin, 1963 Dallas, and 1994 Los Angeles.

En route to try and save the ISS, Lance cannot resist the challenge of solving the greatest mysteries of the modern world.  Who was really Jack the Ripper?  Did Hitler commit suicide, or did he somehow escape the wrath of the Allies?  Who really shot President John F. Kennedy?  And did O.J. Simpson really do it?

But as Lance closes on the space station, does the alien navigator have a secret agenda?  The shocking revelations continue to the very end....

Which Jack the Ripper suspect had a very questionable alibi for the murder of Mary Kelly?
Why did the Ripper suddenly stop killing?

What did America want most, at the end of the Second World War?

Lee Harvey Oswald aside, which JFK assassination suspect had a very questionable alibi?

And O.J. Simpson aside, who else had the motive and means to kill, together with a suspect alibi?

My meet with OJ trial judge Lance Ito

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'Intrepid - Revelations' can easily be read in isolation, but it'll help just a little bit if you've read the previous novels in the series, especially regarding the background of the characters (particularly the fisherman). 

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