Check out the multiple choice 'Intrepid' quiz on Goodreads! You could win a special prize!

The Two Storms (Intrepid #2)9533

Go to  to begin the 'Intrepid' quiz. There are 25 multiple choice questions. Most are general knowledge, some are intuitive, and the answers to one or two are contained within free downloads of the 'Intrepid' series of novels, available from Goodreads at

The highest score, subject to tiebreaker rules if required, will win a free signed copy of the third novel in the series 'Intrepid - Revelations', including free home delivery. Highest score to the date above is 14/25.

The first question is reproduced below - do you know the answer? 

Like all of the space shuttles in the now retired fleet, the futuristic space shuttle 'Intrepid' is named after a well-known....?

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